Social Media

Account Set Up, Posting, Campaigns, Strategy, Content, Training, Customer Service, Insta/Facebook Shop, Event Coverage, Streaming…

Social Media is all about presence. It takes a number of steps to master, all of which can be managed for you by us at Ailurus Media.

Who are you?
We’ll help you decide on your brand tone and message. Will you be an individual or a brand? How will we communicate this identity in both language and imagery?

Where do you need to be?
Different medias attract different types of clients. Do you need a website? Which platforms do you need to be on; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, Pintrest, YouTube?

Setting up accounts
We can set up accounts for you and help brand them appropriately with banners and logo identities. Additionally we can set up users on the account for you.

Strategy and posting
We can provide strategy and time table for your interactions online, and content for you to post. We can either train you how to arrange this yourself, or handle it for you.

Feedback and customer interaction
Social Media is as customer service as a telephone today, and people may choose to contact you through the site. We can help you process and respond to these enquiries, or offer a customer service solution for you.

We can provide reporting showing you how your posts are performing, what works, and more importantly what doesn’t. Each customer base has its own preferences and this helps you tailor this content for them.

Promotion and influence
We can help you manage paid advertising campaigns, and also scour the market for influencers who could add their promotion to your product or brand.

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